Friday night date; picked a nice french restaurant, great company, quite excited. One huge problem: forgot the restaurant is BYOBimg_7612! What to do? We looked at each other disappointedly. There was not way that we could allow ourselves to ruin the experience by going through the night winelessly (I know this is not a word, so what?)

Decision time! I was left behind to order some appetizers while my partner in crime drove to the nearest “Wine & Spirit”; The nearest one happened to be a boutique Wine & Spirit. In case you did not know there are different categories of Wine & Spirit stores. Some have premium collections and some don’t.

15 “well-worth the wait” minutes later he arrived with a bottle of 2014 Concha y Toro Terrunyo Peumo. Lot No. 1, 2400 bottles. Those words all raise your expectations. I am a huge fan of Chilean wine in general. This one however did not impress. For a $40 bottle of wine I sure expected more! More in terms of color, tannin and body. If you look for a good wine and you like light body and less dry I would recommend this.

On a more interesting level, I enjoyed learning a bit about its history. Hope you do too.

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