Another Perspective

We are back! Reason for delay? Waiting for Enthusiast #2 to write on his experience Making it! And he finally did:

“I clearly remember when I met you again after such a long time. Both of us have aged: you grew to a more mature, beautiful, elegant, and great companion and I just got older and more impatient than ever to touch you, to feel you, to taste you. When my lips touched your bright velvety red, all tensions instantly evaporated leaving me with the illusion of walking on clouds. It was not only me; whoever tasted you had the same feeling, making me even more proud of such a good wine you became.  You well deserved all the time and sacrifice.

People who know me enough know that I am impatient and goal oriented. I usually don’t enjoy the process of doing something until the goal is achieved. For me the process is just a path and nothing more. When I first received “the box” as a birthday gift, my first reaction was: “What is this?”. A “Wine Making Kit”, replied my partner with lots of enthusiasm. I was a bit surprised as the box didn’t look large enough to contain a wine making kit. My immediate followup question was how long would it take to make it? My partner feeling unappreciated for the gift given frowned, shrugged and said why don’t you open and see it yourself. And that’s exactly what I did. To our surprise the box only contained a plastic bag filled with grape juice concentrate, a fedsc_0446w sachets, a bag of corks, some wine bottle labels and a two page instruction. I started reading the instructions and soon realized that not only I need a whole set of equipment but most importantly the process of wine making takes 2-3 months at a minimum! Imagine, a few months to make a bottle of wine while you can easily buy a decent bottle from a store and enjoy it immidiately. Putting the two together (the cost of purchasing the equipment and the time) I figured it isn’t worth my time and money. I will be better off purchasing good quality wines from our local store effortlessly. I tried hard to be nice and pretend that I was excited. I don’t think my partner believed my fake enthusiasm. Honestly, every time I planned to start thinking about it, the lengthy pr
ocess of 2-3 months discouraged me from actually doing it. At last I figured the only way to stop hearing how unappreciative I am of the gift by leaving “the box” at our pantry for months is to start making it. If it weren’t for the expiration date on the box and the consistent reminders of my lack of appreciativeness, I would have probably postponed it even longer.

It wasn’t as straightforward as I thought. First step, purchasing the equipment. This part was somewhat easy; there are wine making kits available online approximately between $80-150 depending what is included in the“kit”. Although I ended up purchasing some additional stuff later on but the kit was a good starting point.

Second step: Following instructions to start wine making; Harder for some of us than others. The instruction came with the box was only a couple of pages long. It was more of a checklist and summary than a step by step procedure. Thanks to YouTube and Google there were a ton of videos about how to make wi
ne at home. The more I read and watched videos I became more interested and eager to know the science behind it. It was like one of those books that when you start reading the first page you just can’t stop. I watched several videos for hours and read people’s experiences with wine making . Although I found some differences in techniques depending on
what instruction you follow but the concepts were similar. It took me 3 days browsing between the YouTube videos and websites before I fully understood how the process works. I have never found myself so enthusiastic and eager since I was preparing myself to get my driving license. It was fun, and joyful. I had some challenges though, including
the limited space in our 2 bedroom apartment, but the overall experience was fantastic. Even now writing about it I can feel the adrenalin rush in my body of how joyful was the task.

After I bottled my first batch of wine the pride and sense of accomplishment was beyond explanation. I even took a picture of my bottle wines fleet before storing them.  After bottling and storing I frequently checked to make sure the temperature, humidity, etc. were perfect for my “babies” to grow and mature. Opening the first bottle was beyond exciting. I was so curious to know how they turned out and if it was worth all the time, sacrifice and money spent. Short answer: it sure did!!  I learned a few things as part of the process perhaps the most important one: that I am not as impatient as I
thought I am. My appreciation for wine and winemaking has multiplied a
nd this was one of the most joyous tasks I have taken on. I am hoping that “soon” I share with you some of the actual “Dos and Don’t” of the process based on my experience. Stay tuned and meanwhile share with us if you have done this; your experience, etc. Love to hear from you.

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