Making it

We love wine, we talk wine, we drink wine, we buy wine, we MAKE wine! Well, once! It was brave.

I already told you of my experience being a kid and witnessing wine making at home (read here). Fast forward to 2014, we thought it would be good to make wine at home. Problem? Small space meaning our two bedroom apartment! So there was not a chance of buying boxes of grapes and air-drying them at home like my mother used to. Instead, we used Vino Italiano Wine Kit. I bought it for my “partner in crime” as a birthday gift.

Result? Read on.dsc_0447

It turned out to be an amazing hobby, great table wine for an unbelievably cheap price. Speaking of “$” the upfront cost is actually steep because you
would need lots of equipment. But then it is a one-time investment. If you think we are biased on the quality of wine, you are probably right but then again we had a couple of guests asking us about the wine and where we bought it from. They liked it – apparently a lot!

My suggestion is to read about wine making at home before investing. Certainly do not do it just to save money. Over 90 percent of the websites I have seen list “saving money” as the number one reason to make your own wine. I do not agree with that philosophy. Saving money is a fantastic bi-factor but should not be the main reason to do this. If you are the man of process and result and not one or another, then it’s worth investing in the equipment. If you are a “maker” and you feel proud of bringing something into existence go for it. While you are thinking about this, I suggest the following readings. I am also hopeful that “Enthusiast #2” share more details about the process. And as always if you have any experience with wine making please share with us. We love to hear it.

Suggested readings:

Homemade Wine & Why You Should Make Your Own
Craft Winemaking

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