Only Two

A number of years ago when I was still in the corporate world consulting, I had a client for whom happiness was not the strongest trait. He was always nagging; whether it was his job, his relationship situation, weather, something. He was living in Bergen Town. He was, I repeat, my client though. So as a professional consultant I had no choice but to listen patiently. Until one day!

I told him listen, “There are only two things that could make a bad day an ok one and a good day an awesome one.” He was all ears! He could not wait to hear the rest. Excitedly he chocked, “What?” I continued, “First you need a great cup of coffee in the morning. You have that and you will be set for the day.” His response, “That’s it?!” I knew he was waiting for the second, “No, you also need a glass wine after work.”

This was probably 10 years ago and to this day I still believe the same; if I have a good cup of coffee in the morning (I only drink one cup a day so it better be good), and a good glass of wine (not two, not three, just one glass) I am having a good day. How about you? What makes your day a shiny one?


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