How it all started

I am an amateur wine enthusiast! Not because it is a hip thing to be these days. Because I find myself super excited when I am shopping for wine much like a kid being at ToysRUs. And I feel even more excited when we are about to open a bottle of wine; especially one that I have not ever tried. And when I hear that aroma, and when the first sip touches my lips, oh my…

I grew up with my mother making wine at home. Every Fall season boxes of grapes were iStock_14688496_XLARGE (2).jpgdelivered to our home; furniture were moved aside and those yummy and colorful grapes were all spread out on the floor to be air dried. As I am writing this I am realizing what a shame that no one ever took a picture of the scene! Anyhow, after what seemed like an eternity to a kid, when grapes were dried, family members would gather to officially start the wine-making process by manually mashing those grapes. It was a huge party. It was fun and yes kids could stomp too. And then for what I remember I used to see huge bottles semi hidden at some corner of our home until they were “ready”. Well this was the oversimplified process as it was observed by a little kid. And then again there was another party to help transferring the big bottle wines to smaller bottles. And then it was the good part, the part that I could not directly take any part in but I could see that everyone was drinking and laughing, having a good time. And what more could we wish for as kids; some buzzed adults treating us nicely and for the time being they were off of our backs; hallelujah!

So when I talk wine, when I drink wine, when I smell wine, there is something nostalgic about it. Something from the past. Something that takes me to those good old days of childhood. How about you? Do you know how it started for you? Do you have a favorite childhood wine related memory you wish to share?

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